Well, folks, I’m so excited to announce this brand new project!! For years I’ve been wanting to combine my performance background with my teaching background and my love of Celtic Culture, and this project does just that!!!

We’re inviting anyone with a love of singing/Celtic culture to spend five days with Laura and me in a Celtic Immersion Program. We have programs for ages 6 through adult, all tailored to specific age groups. Depending on your age group, you may participate in Scottish Ceilidh dancing and/or Celtic themed workshops, and everyone will participate in group singing workshops, learn popular Celtic songs, learn performance skills, grow in confidence, make new friends, and much, much more. In the Friday evening culminating event, everyone will join Laura and I on stage for a public performance!

We cannot be more excited! Come join Keegan’s Summer Program! See below for a list of all the venues to which we’ll be bringing this program and more information on “what you get” as well as “costs.”

Book now and experience this unique Celtic Immersion program. We can’t wait for all of us to spend a week steeped in all the traditions of Irish music!



All 2020 Projects have been CANCELLED due to the Covid-19 crises. Please check back later in the year for updates on 2021 projects and make sure to stay safe xxx

City & State Venue Dates

What do I get

  • Learn well known Irish songs; Celtic Thunder favourites as well as Songs in the Irish Language
  • Receive your own Keegan’s Celtic Summer School T-Shirts
  • The chance to participate and join Colm & Laura on stage in the Keegan's Celtic Chorus during a Friday evening show
  • The opportunity for a few lucky people to sing a solo, or duet with Colm during Colm & Laura Keegan's Friday evening show
  • Two Free Tickets for family & friends to this show on Friday evening
  • Grow in confidence through Professional Singing Workshop
  • Work as a team in our Group Singing Workshop
  • Irish Mythology insight (6-11 age group)
  • Celtic Creative Arts & Crafts (6-11 age group)
  • Learn beginners level Scottish Ceilidh Dancing


(Save $50 on FULL DAY bookings per child if booked before St. Patrick’s Day 2020)

Daytime: 6 - 18 year olds Full Day (9am - 3pm) Half Day (Singing Only 1pm - 3pm)

(After March 17th)

  • $300 per child
  • $275 for 2nd sibling
  • $250 for 3rd sibling
  • $150 per child
  • $137.50 for 2nd sibling
  • $125 for 3rd sibling
Evening: *Adults (7:30pm - 9pm)

Celtic Singing Workshop for Adults

*High School students with daytime jobs eligible to apply here also


$150 (two free tickets to show)

Personal Payment Plan

If you would prefer not to pay this in one sitting, I am offering applicants a chance to spread their booking costs over multiple payments at a time that suits best. You would need to place a non-refundable booking deposit to confirm your place after which I will email you personally to discuss a payment plan designed to meet your preferred timescale. The booking deposits are as follows:

1 Applicant: $50
2 Applicants: $75
3 Applicants: $100

Once this is made, I will email you personally to discuss a payment plan that allows you to pay the remaining amount in whatever method and timeframe which suits you best.