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  • January 19, 2017

Hosting my very first Tour of Ireland and Scotland 2017!!!


Firstly, a very happy new year to you all! Hope you celebrated the turning of the year in style 😉 For a globally unsettling year, 2016 could not have been a bigger, happier year for myself and Laura….so apologies for gloating!! Thank you for all your messages and kind wishes, letters, online messages and gifts you’ve sent ahead of the birth of our first child which is rapidly approaching. We could not be any more excited and your support is incredibly comforting. Thank you.

Secondly, anyone who has subscribed to Newsletters from my website ColmKeegan.com will already be aware that I am planning on hosting my very first tour of Ireland and Scotland in October 2017!!! The plans are almost finalised, the itinerary is almost set, however I could not be any more excited about this project. This will run in conjunction with my online teaching CKonLine Teaching whereby all those joining me will be offered FREE online classes, taught by yours truly, from August and/or September of this year, of significant places in Ireland and Scotland which will be followed up with a field trip over to see everything we’ve covered!!

I could not be any more excited about this project, HOWEVER, there’s always a catch…..as much as I would love to include all of you in this, we can only offer this trip to 50 people. From my initial Newsletter, I received many mails of interest so I’ve no doubt this will sell out very quickly….Costs will come very soon, (Land Costs roughly $3,000 which can be paid in instalments) along with the finalised itinerary.

***IF YOU’RE INTERESTED…..mail colmkeegantours@gmail.com as soon as you can you can and please specify how many in your party are planning on travelling.

Thanks folks, it’s a busy time of year so I can’t guarantee regular contact, however I’ll check in with you guys as much as I can 😉

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