Keegan Bus Tours: Ireland, Spring 2024

Dates:   22nd - 28th March 2024

The itinerary for this tour will be released in August 2022. Once the itinerary is released, a non-refundable booking deposit of £250 per person will confirm your seat. If you would like to book your seat in advance of the itinerary's release, you can do so now at a reduced rate of £100 per person

Blind Sign-Up Deposit *NEW FEATURE*

The 'Blind Sign-Up Deposit' is £100 per person, which will increase to £250 per person once the itinerary is released.

It's labelled a "blind sign-up" because it confirms your place on tour before the itinerary is released. If you know you would like to visit Ireland, and these dates work, we have allowed you to secure your place before the general public decides they want the tour.

Once the itinerary is released, Keegan Bus Tours typically sell out within 48hrs.

Booking deposits are non-refundable; however, the cost of the booking deposit will be reduced from your total tour cost.

If you've any further questions, please email

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Place Booking Fee* : GBP 100 ( * booking fees are non-refundable )