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  • November 29, 2016

Bringing You Down

Sitting still looking out the window and the thoughts, are Bringing You Down

Nothing’s shifting from your mind, just the world, Bringing You Down

You write a song, read a book, have smoke but it’s all, Bringing You Down

You lie awake, ‘fraid to speak, not a peep from the world, Bringing you down

Just the thought to have you here, nothing else will make it clear

I think of every road, you brought me down

Is it bad to laugh, is it bad to cry? When you’re not around

Moving on is a crime I can’t commit, when you’re not around

I share the laugh, share the streets we used to walk, when you were around

Now it’s just an empty space by my side, bringing me down

The thought of moving on is just too hard

I still see your face when I’m in the dark

Then I hear your voice and it’s guiding me along

Telling me to run, while singing this song

I run holding hands, up every road,

You brought me down

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