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  • May 17, 2019


Passengers on this tour have two options:

1) Arrive in time for a Colm & Laura concert in Dublin on the evening of Sunday March 20th, stay overnight (not included in tour price) and start tour on Monday 21st, or

2) Arrive on the morning of Monday 21st at Dublin airport and begin the tour

For those who are currently in Dublin, you will be invited to attend a Colm & Laura Keegan concert on the evening of Sunday March 20th. We are recommending that you book your accommodation in the Ashling Hotel which is where Colm & Laura will be staying that night.

*In previous tours, many passengers have chosen to arrive in Ireland earlier than Day 1 of our tour to either sightsee/adjust to timezone, or both, which is why we have chosen our concert that night. Visits before/after the tour are booked independent of both Colm Keegan and CIE Tours, but Colm has offered to assist any way possible. This is not compulsory, purely optional and at the discretion of the passenger(s)

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